2019 France-Italy

2019 France-Italy

We had the chance to travel with some friends Thomas and Leslie and check out parts of France with some friends. We also got the chance to show some of our favorite parts of Italy.

Firstly, we ended up in France, just south of Paris and met the wonderful family that used to stay with Thomas and Leslie at the Cape. We were lucky enough to tag along for this part. Their hospitality was that fit for a king.


We got to see this just two weeks before it burnt. So sad for such a national treasure to be damaged like that. But France will recover. They always do.

Country dining in the French countryside. Unreal experience. Only locals here, no tourists. Well, except for us.

Lesson learned. In France, you don’t tell people you are coming. Otherwise, they will put out a spread fit for royalty. No joke.

Meanwhile… back in Italy. I present you… Verona.

Lake Garda

Stumbled across the church of St. Anthony’s. Surprised how many people were here and how under-advertised this place is.



Spy Ferrari shots…






Riding bikes along the ring medieval walls in Lucca.




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