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Why hello there.

Thank you for visiting my new blog. I used to be very vocal on social media sites and i’ve decided that i wanted to own my content without giving up usage rights and content ownership contested and lastly communications tracked. But ultimately, i wanted to connect with people (If anyone actually reads this blog) on my own terms.

True, i can’t control browser statistics of my users. But we all have to compromise somewhere…

I’ll be adding content regularly and i’ll try my best to ensure they don’t turn into personal rants, but instead invoke new thoughts or give the ability for one to extract interesting information on subject that i also find interesting. I’ve tried to categorize the posts so that one can know whether i’m conveying truth or satire etc. Since those lines are so commonly blurred on the internet.

Worst case scenario, this blog will at least serve as a placeholder and point of reference for when i end up in psychiatric care.



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